The Subtle Body Speaks

Addiction in Family Systems with Jessalyn Lang

October 06, 2022 Taylor Spero
The Subtle Body Speaks
Addiction in Family Systems with Jessalyn Lang
Show Notes

Join me in this episode as I am joined by Jessalyn, Family Constellation practitioner, as we unpack substance abuse/addiction within family systems. Addiction, some healthcare professionals term as a disease. I have also read from a psychologist that addiction is more like a symptom. After this episode, you'll get to decide where addiction falls on the spectrum and more importantly-- you'll be resourced with another perspective based in non-duality on how to be with and heal addiction. Whether addiction is personal to you or something you've witnessed within your own family or partner, we all have some sort of experience with addiction. May this conversation offer compassion, insight, and healing to you and all those in your inner circle. 


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